Sunday, June 30, 2019

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As I prepare to write the readings for this last week, I am sitting at my desk realizing it will need to be cleaned out by tomorrow.  The movers are coming to take it to the house.  As many of you know, underneath the glass top I have a multitude of pictures and quotes shared with me during the years.  So, this week, I share with you quotes and writings that have meant a great deal to me that I have placed here since we moved to Carthage.


Many of you will recognize today’s reading. It seems only
appropriate for my last devotion. Written by a man I love and
respect, who has been my mentor and friend, its words are an
expression of my outlook on life and faith.


In the foyer of the theater in Sears Plaza, Joplin, was a 6-foot poster displaying the face of actor Jim Carrey, and advertising a coming movie titled “Truman”. The interesting thing is that the face of the actor was made up of thousands of one-inch square photos of people and events from the movie.
There are two things that strike me here: One is the artistry of placement of such an assortment of one-inch pictures as to make an easily recognizable six-foot face.
The other is that this is an excellent parable of my life. My life, for whatever it is, is a mosaic of the impact of a cast of persons and events who have in some way been a part of the
production of the truth of me.
Every person who has loved me, challenged, forgiven, encouraged, supported or corrected me, taught me, opposed me with truth that I did not see, or shamed me with honor that I did not uphold;
every kindness, generosity, healing, welcome, heartening smile or hug; 
     every loyalty that has given me a basis for hope;
     every silence that has taught me to listen;
     every joy that has lit my day;
     every sorrow that has caused me to lean more on God;
ALL OF THESE are small ‘tile pieces’ of character
in the mosaic that makes up the truth of me.
The ‘total’ is me,
     but I am the mosaic of other’s contacts and relationships –
     and often separate memories surface unsummoned
     to form a cameo of appreciation
     for the value in friendship – unearned by me.
     And in these moments – or when one dies –
     my heart holds the image of that one in splendid, awesome                     isolation
     as I treasure the gift of God’s crafting love
    in jigsaw pieces of creative comradeship.
– Tommy Thompson
Our thanks and gratitude for the difference each of you have made in our lives.  May God’s riches peace, presence, and blessings be yours!
                                                                                                        – James and Stephanie