Saturday, June 29, 2019

This quiet place
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As I prepare to write the readings for this last week, I am sitting at my desk realizing it will need to be cleaned out by tomorrow.  The movers are coming to take it to the house.  As many of you know, underneath the glass top I have a multitude of pictures and quotes shared with me during the years.  So, this week, I share with you quotes and writings that have meant a great deal to me that I have placed here since we moved to Carthage.


The following was shared with me by Irene Kingsbury not long after we moved to Carthage.  I have had it under glass ever since.

This Quiet Place

“I stand in the presence of God and I have been sent to speak to you
and to bring you the good news.” Luke 1:19
Even in the midst of noise and clamor there is a quiet place that I
can retreat to. A place where concerns are left behind, and I am
totally aware of being in the presence of God. This quiet place is
nearer than the air I breathe, for it is within my soul.
Turing within I feel the peace of God surrounding me in a warm
embrace. Enfolded in peace, I experience how it feels to have every
nerve soothed and my mind swept clean of confusion. Once again, I
am focused on the peace of God – my source of life and living.
No person or circumstance can disrupt the peace I feel in the quiet
with God. I return from this sanctuary of peace, renewed, refreshed
and revitalized. In the quiet sanctuary of my soul God waits for me!