Wednesday – August 8, 2018 – Eternal Life

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John 6:47-51

Very truly, I tell you, whoever believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life. Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died. This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.”


Reflect and Pray:

There is a phenomenon among infants and children called “failure to thrive.”  In essence, the child’s physical needs are being somewhat met but they don’t respond normally.  Often, in particular with orphans in institutions, the children are fed but there is virtually no human contact, affection or compassion.  As a result, the child suffers from lack of human bonding.

Sometimes, I think we experience “failure to thrive” in our spiritual lives.  As we take care of our physical, emotional and mental health, we are invited by Christ to make sure we take care of our spiritual lives.  As God provided manna in the wilderness for the Israelites, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, Christ’s love and care is available for us to nurture our spiritual lives.  This can come in many ways such as intimate relationships in our family, friends, worship, service, scripture, Holy Communion and our big beautiful world.  Today, I invite you to ask yourself if you are caring for your spiritual life so that you don’t have “failure to thrive” spiritually.