May Super Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day!

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We had another great Super Sunday!  This month we celebrated our Mothers!  We colored a card for our Mom’s to tell them our favorite thing about them.  We colored a watering can that contains seeds to plant.  We played in the Youth Room and watched a couple of movies about Moms.  We traveled to Harris Hall for snacks!  We had Hurts Donuts as a special treat!  We don’t get these often, but it was a special day.  We decorated a flower pot for our Mothers and took it outside to plant a Petunia in the pot!  We finished the morning on the playground! I think the day was a success!  This was our last Super Sunday until September! Stay tuned for some VBS news!

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Kelly has worked as Administrative Assistanct at FUMC since September of 2013. She enjoys her job and all the people in her church family. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have.

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