Daily Devotional for Monday, June 22, 2020

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“More Than Me”

Perhaps Jesus’ most well-known parable is his story often called the “Prodigal Son” (though Jesus didn’t announce it with a title). He told this story and parables to explain what the Kingdom of God was like. They are sometimes called earthly stories with heavenly meanings. They are stories we can hardly miss the meaning of, to explain something we can barely grasp: God’s Kingdom and God’s ways.

Where do you go when resources are low and dreams are big?  Often to a parent, and at my house it was Dad.  Mom provided compassion, Dad: cash and directions.  This song asked a very offensive question.  It comes across as “Dad, you’re not dead yet, but I’d really like my inheritance now…let’s pretend you’re dead and divide your estate, so I can get on with my life.” Wow!  I’m wondering how I’d respond to that, but I’m guessing it would involve the youngun getting a job and coming back after the funeral.

But the Dad in Jesus story…no matter how he felt about it…did it.  And watched as the kid turned his inheritance into pocket money and tied his little hankie full of dreams to a stick and went on his merry way. He didn’t want the farm, he didn’t want the neighborhood, he didn’t want the life his father offered. 

Here’s the parallel to you and me. We’re all born with gifts and graces that God gives. God doesn’t take them away just because we might choose to leave the fold.  For instance, if you are born with musical talent, God doesn’t remove it because you play in a heavy metal band. You might be artistic, you don’t lose that gift because you use it to paint graffiti. 

What you miss when you run from God is the benefits of being with God.  Any resource you “run with” will come to an end.  You’ll come to the end of what you can do alone. Some find then end sooner, some later, but it’s there. If in your walk with God you “give” what God has blessed you with back to God in terms of your talents, gifts, and service, the overwhelming evidence is that God gives more.  You don’t run out.

PRAYER: God in your presence there is always plenty of talent, grace, resources, blessings. Away from you, there is…me.  Help live today as a person envisioning your presence wherever I find myself.  Amen.