Daily Devotional for Saturday, June 27, 2020

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“Surprise Ending”

   Have you thought much about how Jesus’ story ends?  Read vs 25-30 of Luke 15. The partying son is in the main house …partying.  The elder brother who had stayed home to work the farm is angry and won’t go in.  And the story ends with the Father going out to his angry older son to explain why they had to have a party for his brother.
     The brother calls him “ This son of  yours.”  The father calls him, “Your brother.” The elder son has already disowned this kid long ago.  Not so the father and the father seems to intimate it’s not that easy to get rid of family.  And the father’s main reason why?  He was lost, but now he is found.  Some things just have to be celebrated.  Lost and found is such a thing.
     I’d like you to think through your own life journey for a few moments.  Were you ever lost?  Have you been found? Do you resent the younger brother? Do you see the elder brother’s side?  Or can you share the Father’s joy for the little brat?
     Can you see that the father was making progress?  He’d gone from having two lost sons to just one…and now he was seeking to bring the older lost son into the party. 
     People always take sides on this story depending perhaps on how they see their role in their own family.  But the only side to take in this story is the Father’s.  It’s the Father’s kingdom, the Father’s house, the Father’s party.  You’re either in or out.

     PRAYER: Loving God: We see your side of this story, and parts of it rub us the wrong way. Or maybe we’re just seeing it from the wrong side. Help us to see in this story your great love and your open door toward every repentant heart.   Elder and  Younger brothers alike.  Amen.