Daily Devotional for Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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“God’s Patience”

I don’t know if you’ve ever imagined the conversation that began, “Dad, I want my part of the estate…you know..like after you’re dead?” If real people were in it, it could hardly have gone well…at least it doesn’t go well in my imagination.  It’s one of those, “Get out of my face!” moments that some families know all too well. This is when dads typically hit the “smite button” for their little ingrates.  But not the Father Jesus was describing, He has no comeback at all. He just did it. If we’re going to put some argument in there, we have to make it up. 

You probably see where I’m going with this.  If you’re going to have an argument with God, on any level…you have to make up the dialog.  God doesn’t really argue as far as I can see in the scripture.  As we’ve looked at the Ten Commandments none are followed with God reaching for his switch and saying “or else.”  The commands are just the baseline expectations God has for His people who are going to show the world the love of the God who saved them from slavery. God simply gives them, they are not argued, they are not committee work.

In the kingdom Jesus is describing you can take God’s good gifts and run as far as they’ll take you. It’s not like God will chase you with a stick. But the story describes where selfishness will take a person, and it’s far from the presence of God.

PRAYER:  Lord, thank you for your patience and for your deep desire to not coerce anyone into doing things your way. You’ve put up with a lot, Lord, from me and from the people you call your own.