Daily Devotional for Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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“Money Can’t Buy Me Love”

The Beatles sang it, and many among the rich and famous have proved it. Money, for all it can provide, can’t heal the wounds that lay deep in the heart.  It can’t fulfill our desire for love and deep spiritual companionship. Money is a means, and many good things come with it. But the love of money is always a problem.    
The younger son went into the world with money and the desire to do things “his way” for a change. And it didn’t take long for him to fall in with a pretty expensive bunch and his money got used up in “wild living” some translation says.  Let’s just say it, “Sin was involved.” He had the friends money can buy. Drinking buddies. Feasting buddies. Folks that would show up when the cash is flowing, and disappear when it stopped. Lottery winners sometimes have this problem.   

In Jesus’ story it didn’t take long for the fool and his money to be separated from one another.  To top off the problem a little famine came by to dry up the generosity of his newfound friends and Jesus said, “He began to be in want.”       In most morality tales, he should have felt his “want” the moment he left home, but money and wild living numbed him to the pain of his actions…until the money well ran dry. When the dry spell comes the change is pretty stark. Then home doesn’t seem so bad.

PRAYER: Lord we may have gotten a good long way from you, but we can feel the end of our resources is near. Give us the good sense to turn toward home…now.  Amen.