Daily Devotional for Friday, July 3, 2020

Adultery - Do not harm the temple
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“Adultery, So What’s the Harm?”

   I read that the answer to the “harm” question “depends on our perception of marriage and our perception of ourselves.  If we see marriage as involving wife, husband, and state, as is suggested by the marriage license, the issues may seem to be no more than pragmatic. But if we see marriage as a contract involving wife, husband, and God, the issues are very different.” (Kallas, Ten Commandments from the Backside)

     Scripture sees God involved. These commandments were how a group of people could continue to live free WITH the God who had freed the people from slavery. God and God’s people have a stake in the integrity of every marriage.  Jesus didn’t undo that when he set the adultress free.  And the raw truth of the matter is that people do not find what they are looking for in adultery, because God isn’t in it…You won’t find Eden or return to Eden without traveling with the one who made it.

     We tend to say, “my body, my choice” about a lot of things, sex included. Scripture’s view of our bodies is that we don’t own them. They are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Borrowed not owned. And our spirits are not separate from our bodies…scripture sees us as all one piece. Your body can’t go somewhere bad, and your spirit be good. Where it goes you go. And in adultery, we’re taking God’s property.

PRAYER: Lord help me to see my body as yours. My actions as a picture of my soul. Make my choices, all of them, God involved choices…you have a stake in what I do. Thanks for caring enough to be involved. Amen.